Ja ne? In South Africa, we definitely like things…

It’s the reason people who visit the UK for three weeks come back with an accent, or how the closest reference point for those in JHB South is automatically Bassonia. It’s why we have a song about Versace and, despite having no electricity, even our looters went for the TV’s first. We like Woolworths’s water because it makes us look fancy, our petrol is pricier than the most expensive fragrance, and our most established chicken franchise costs a small mortgage for a medium quarter chicken meal (we’re looking at you, Nando’s).

Also, based on some of our competitors Fibre prices, it explains why some of them are even in business – but that’s a story for another day.

The fact is that nobody likes being extra quite like South African’s. From the kid in the tuck shop line who only buys buddy cokes to the CEO of Eskom taking a bonus after 294 days of rolling blackouts, as a nation, we’re not shy to say we enjoy the finer things in life (or, if you’re the owner of Ster Kinekor Hyde Park, not shy to ask either).

So, if we unanimously like premium products and premium experiences in our personal life, we really need to wonder why our business (and its website) should be any exception?

Let’s talk Premium Hosting – which is basically WordPress Hosting made Bougee.

If you (or your business) needs a website, then Vox provides locally hosted and dedicated WordPress Hosting service – just minus the headache involved with managing a server (it’s like flying Business Class over economy – more perks, way better space to operate, and none of the headache of hoping you can get the armrest before someone cramps your style).

True, Shared Web Hosting does exist (and has its merits), but why would you offer your brand anything less than the best? After all, your website is effectively the face of your business and, more often than not, your first point of customer interaction – particularly if you’re big on E-Commerce. Studies show that a first-time user on a web page has an attention span of around four seconds before they keep scrolling, move on or click “back” (unless, of course, it’s one of THOSE websites) – so it’s your job to make it count. If your page is buggy, crashes, or just looks as bad as the SARS one (with similar levels of response time), your business will eventually feel it – either through a lost sale or, even worse, a lost customer for good.

This is what separates traditionally shared hosting from its Premium counterpart – it doesn’t just sound fancier, but opts not to split resources across multiple customers. The end result? Instead of inconsistent levels of speed, reliability and customer service, your audience can feel like they’ve just checked into Emirates first class – minus the caviar, of course.

Unless you’re Nokia or Home Affairs, everything adapts to the present and gears up for the future – and conventional shared hosting is now a thing of the past (at least if you, like us, require optimised performance and better uptime and scalability – which is pretty much everyone except the licensing department).

Still not sold? Here’s the pitch (or, at least, more of the pitch) …

  • With Premium Hosting, you can enjoy lightning-fast speeds through our dedicated infrastructure.
  • Worried about Security? Stress not – you’re backed by the Vox Security Team (which is basically the digital version of The Hawks – versus Coin Security for standard).
  • Improved performance, which results in higher click to sale ratios.
  • Need an HTTPS enabled site? We offer SSL certification as well.
  • And, of course, Vulnerability Scans come included. Why wouldn’t they? It’s Premium.

So, like Maboneng in 2022 or the Diamond Walk in Sandton City, everything looks better when you go the extra mile to make it stand out. Your brand, and your website, deserve the best – and it doesn’t come better than Premium WordPress Hosting with Vox.