PoPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act) has been in effect in South Africa since 1 July 2021 and impacts all businesses – both big and small. Conditions have been introduced around how personal information is processed and stored and non-compliance could result in hefty fines or imprisonment.

Do you understand PoPIA?  Do you know if you comply 100%?  And are you aware of how detrimental it can be to your business if you are not compliant?

Listen to our webinar to understand how PoPIA can not only be beneficial to your business, but what a critical role it plays.  Our panel of experts discuss the steps to becoming compliant and how to secure your stakeholders’ personal information.

The following is covered:

  1. Understand why it is important and beneficial to comply to PoPIA regulations.
  2. Why it is necessary to have a PoPIA assessment done.
  3. How to ensure that both your organisation’s data as well as data collected from various stakeholders is secure.