Improving collaboration within and across functional teams will enable your organisation to be more responsive, speed decision making, align stakeholders and allow your best people to brainstorm across any distance so that ideas and decisions are actioned immediately.

However, having large square meterage to accommodate multiple people in any organisation is a costly expense, often because the space is underutilised. According to the Wall Street Journal, 73% of all meetings only have two to four attendees, while 53% of all meeting rooms are built for more than seven people. These large rooms cost more to equip than smaller rooms, but smaller, fully equipped spaces (huddle spaces) are required to facilitate effective collaboration, especially in open plan offices where people can’t quickly meet behind closed doors.

Then there’s the cost of travel. Many companies are spread globally or nationally with multi-location offices or even employees who work remotely and clients who are not based in the same location as the office location. Though modern tech has allowed us to meet remotely, functionality of this technology is often limited, requiring people to still travel – another expense for any company.

With a Vox Collaborate Room System you can unlock the power of your people and the spaces they collaborate in. Vox Collaborate Systems have been crafted to half the cost of a traditional meeting room and provides twice the functionality.

Each Vox Collaborate System is a highly cost efficient, all in one interactive touch screen with built in PC for whiteboarding and annotating, in-room presentation, video conferencing, web browsing and wireless content sharing from any personal device.

By equipping meeting venues with a Vox Collaborate System you will transform the way your people collaborate, solve problems and innovate.

With a Vox Collaborate Room System you can unlock the power of your people and the spaces they collaborate in.

A Vox Collaborate System will:

  • Increase productivity and cut the cost of meetings
  • Greatly enhance boardroom dynamics and enable meetings to start and finish on time
  • Equip every meeting space with video conferencing at a fraction of the cost of legacy systems
  • Provide wireless, cable-free and hassle-free presenting to improve meeting efficiency and productivity by driving increased collaboration
  • Allow you the choice of conferencing platform
  • Provides 4K Ultra HD resolution for 50,000 hours of use with a 5-year warranty

Visit or mail for a demonstration and we will tailor a Vox Collaborate Room System to your exact requirements.