Vox enhances cloud assessment service

November 2019, Johannesburg: Integrated ICT and infrastructure provider Vox has automated its cloud assessment service to provide clients with a more cost-effective and transparent way of transitioning to a cloud environment.

“Through this enhanced offering, Vox ensures businesses can run as lean and efficiently as possible when it comes to the cloud. The process was previously manual-driven and by automating it Vox is delivering a best practice solution at a world-class level. We are harnessing the capabilities of multiple sophisticated probing tools,” says Daniel Jacobs, senior product manager of cloud computing at Vox.

The assessment is done across the entire ICT infrastructure of a business environment. It examines all the physical devices connected on-site, the size of the resources, how much of those are used, and what the network looks like. It also examines the application, user, LAN, and WAN dependencies to give complete insight into what will be required to migrate to the cloud.

“By automating the report, Vox can deliver an accurate assessment of not only the ideal cloud environment for the business’s needs, but also exactly what the migration will cost. With Vox, there is no thumb-sucking involved.”

Furthermore, Vox follows a cloud-agnostic approach to ensure clients have the choice of any cloud platform that meets their budget and business requirements.

“Vox conducts the assessment and provides clients with options on which cloud platforms will be ideal for them. Our calculated costing models see customers benefitting from up to 30% less than their current cost structure depending on their choice of applications and/or cloud platform. This leaves budget for innovation and the expansion of IT services to further assist their business. It is about delivering a total cost of ownership value proposition competitive with anything that is currently available in the market today.”

He says that some of the pitfalls in public cloud services, like pay-per-use models, are sometimes cleverly disguised in pre-sales pitches. If not managed correctly, these can result in needless additional expenses to the organisation.

But besides the upfront cost saving predicted with the Vox cloud assessment, clients will benefit from monthly total cost of ownership (TCO) reports.

“For us, it is not about selling just a product. Rather, it is empowering our clients to better manage their initial cloud migration and thereafter their continuous cloud processes and management. The cloud is about a journey from analysis and assessment through to implementation and ongoing management.”

According to Jacobs, it is about developing a path for a client that is not only affordable but effective as well.

“For example, just by switching off certain cloud features at night, a business can already save 20% of its monthly bill. The Vox assessment tool determines exactly what is needed and how best to make it happen,” he concludes.