About Leads 2 Business

Leads 2 Business is a tender information company. The company researches new tender and procurement opportunities and are in the know about projects and tenders across Africa. Leads 2 Business publish the tender information they have researched and provide this information to their subscribers, who are invested in this intelligence and will use it to further build their businesses.


Leads 2 Business are a small to medium sized business in Hilton, KZN. They function with plus minus 80 staff and all staff make some use of the their 15-channel uncapped voice service from Vox.

The Business Challenge

There were several business challenges that Leads 2 Business faced. The first was looking for a fibre provider. Since Hilton is not a large urban area, many Internet connections don’t allow for the fast connection fibre allows for. “Vox was the first fibre provider to come to the party,” says Leads 2 Business Director, Mark Meyer.

The next challenge the company faced was one they didn’t realise they had – unnecessarily high call rates. Graeme Ainsworth, Vox Key Account Manager for Leads 2 Business noticed this and suggested a money saving solution. “When looking at the clients call volumes, I noticed there were lots of mobile calls made – which could have been free with an uncapped calling solution,” says Ainsworth.

When Leads 2 Business followed through on the advice given, they were able to save between R6000 to R7000 a month on voice calls.

The Business Solution

Once Leads 2 Business chose Vox as their Internet Service Provider (ISP), they had the sorely needed fast connection they were looking for in Hilton – an area with less Internet infrastructure than the bigger cities other businesses were functioning from.

With Vox as their ISP, it made sense for Leads 2 Business to move their hosted exchange services and voice services over as well. Meyer says he was impressed with the seamless change over.

Initially Leads 2 Business was using another voice solution by Vox. After noticing the high volume of mobile calls, a 15-channel uncapped voice solution was suggested. Uncapped voice would allow the company to be ready for all traffic types and utilise their mobile calls free of charge. When Leads 2 Business followed through on the advice given, they were able to save between R 6 000 to R 7 000 a month on voice calls.

Overall experience with Vox

“Our company has almost continuous uptime and very little downtime,” says Meyer and adds that any downtime the company has had has been out of Vox’s control – like when they had malicious damage to their fibre line.

Describing the quality of the company’s voice calls, Meyer says “We’ve only used VoIP via Vox and the quality is good. We were forced to use a different service provider before Vox in our Johannesburg office and the quality was not as great,” says Meyer.

Meyer was also impressed by the regular visits and check ins by their Vox Key Account Manager who highlighted their need for an uncapped voice solution, and the cost savings they benefited from as a result.

He describes Vox’s ability to offer several business solutions as helpful. “Having different products with one company makes sense. It’s only one support call when anything goes wrong. It saves us money and frustration,” says Meyer.