About the Company

STK Advisory Connect was launched in 2016, “I started my career in financial planning forty years ago,” says company director, Nevathee Moodley. “That is when I realised that the idea of starting my own business would be a captivating concept.”

The Cape Town based business provides technology support services to portfolio managers and financial planning businesses. It first opened its doors at Regus co-working space in the city, before moving to its own premises at Century City in 2017.

“We have the distinct edge in that we recruit young graduates offering training to groom them for the real world. Our vision is to employ graduates who intend on entering the financial service industry or considering it as a career, ideally become suited to this environment.

“This forms a platform to apply and extend their knowledge base from tertiary level to that of the real world.  Our team of 10 individuals who are driven and passionate about making a change to the lives of the people we interact with, says Nevathee “Including myself, Tisha (Head of Operations) and Keagan Moodley (Head of IT).”


About the Industry

Conventional consulting has been fundamentally changed by technology-driven disruption, according to Research and Markets.  This has prompted advisory firms to incorporate digital tools to remain competitive. However, technological advances also present various opportunities to the sector.

“We have to embrace this age of technology and use it to our fullest advantage, especially in terms of understanding trends and competing with global markets,” says Nevathee.

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The Business Challenge

“Our biggest concern was securing client data, and we needed a holistic service for all our needs,”

Upon launching in 2016, STK Advisory immediately chose to partner with Vox as its infrastructure provider. “The nature of our business requires us to have systems that can protect the sensitive client information that we deal with daily,” says Nevathee.

“Fibre, networking, managed IT, voice and hardware are all critical elements in our business, and we needed to ensure that we had one vendor we could rely on for all the services and infrastructure required to run a company like ours.”

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The Business Solution

STK Advisory’s corporate clients require risk assessments they can rely on, the confidence that their information is secure and the assurance that they’re getting the best service. Vox has ensured that STK Advisory’s software is always running at 100% and continuously online, says Nevathee. “We’ve been able to onboard so many new clients even during COVID-19!”

Vox WiFi for guests and clients takes our business to the next level, she adds. “They’re impressed by the security around our password protection.”

In addition to making their clients’ lives easier, the company’s staff have been able to successfully conduct business from anywhere using Vox Vobi and Cloud PBX.

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Overall experience with Vox

“Partnering with a trusted name in the IT industry like Vox inspires confidence from our clients,” says Keagan. “We didn’t do a vendor search when we started the business, because Keagan felt Vox was at the forefront and we didn’t need to compare providers.”

Keagan adds that partnering with Vox, like all relationships, has had its ups and downs, but his business has never considered switching because, “It just works for us. They’re the best for us and the commitment is still there because they understand the infrastructure we need in our business and we on this journey together as we grow.