Burning through the gaps: the risks of an unmanaged firewall

An unmanaged firewall is like a self-burning stove, it does the job but it can set the house on fire if not tended carefully The…

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Shift to online driving retail transformation in SA and beyond

By Heath Huxtable, Executive Head at Braintree by Vox The demise of brick-and-mortar stores has long been talked about, and the idea seemed to gain…

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The weight of remote on desktop support

CIOs and IT teams have had to develop fresh strategies to manage remote working more effectively and with reduced risk and complexity Remote working has…

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Will augmented reality be a reality?

Over time, the impact of technology on humanity has been significant. Most recently, being forced into an alternate reality since the start of the Covid-19…

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Satellite or fibre: the value of the right connection

Connectivity doesn’t have to be a city thing; it can be an anywhere and anytime thing with the right technology in place The United Nations…

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The four biggest misconceptions of SD-WAN

SD-WAN may be the next generation of connectivity and modernised network infrastructure, but implementation must be smart to get the right results Digital transformation has…

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To Cloud or Not To Cloud

Are you cloud-ready? Take this quick self-assessment and find out Not all workloads are born equal. A Cloud Readiness Assessment will give you the tools…

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It’s Time to Update Your Content Management System

And maximise your website’s full potential with a better user experience and enhanced security. Even though it’s really just the right thing to do, there…

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Managed services can alleviate the impact of a growing IT skill shortage

By Quintin van Zyl, Manager of Managed Services Operations at qwerti South Africa is in the midst of an ongoing and deepening IT skills shortage…

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Third-party backup, a Microsoft 365 essential

By Barry Kemp Head: Nymbis Cloud Solutions  Microsoft Office 365 users might not be aware but their data, be it deleted documents, emails, chat history…

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