Bad cell reception? Try WiFi calling

WiFi calling may behave just like a regular phone call but in the background it delivers superior call quality and reliability when you’re connected to…

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South African businesses turning to satellite services for reliable connectivity

30 April, Johannesburg: With a total blackout likely to have a negative impact on the country’s mobile and fixed communications networks Vox, an integrated ICT…

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Leveraging customer touchpoints is crucial for retailers – but it must be relevant

It’s hardly accurate to say the world has achieved a state of normality post-pandemic – one only has to read the news to understand that…

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The ultimate checklist for the best VoIP and UC&C solutions

Before being wooed by features and stickers, get to grips with whether the foundation will keep the house standing. Andrew King, Head of Division: Voice…

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The last mile of loadshedding: What it really means

With a Stage 16 draft in place, and stage eight loadshedding almost put into practice, it’s important that individuals and organisations get ready for what…

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Connecting the digital backbone

The Internet of Things (IoT) is finally emerging onto the market as a technology that connects devices, systems and solutions and that has the potential…

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LTE connectivity backup fulfils Business Continuity Plan at home

Hybrid or remote working and online schooling have meant that many homeowners are compelled to think of their homes as small business premises. Setting up…

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Lights. Generator. Action

Keeping the lights on has become a South African business imperative, but the costs and the challenges are proving overwhelming for many Loadshedding is costing...

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The risks inherent in an unmanaged Microsoft 365 environment

Organisations need to rethink their security technology stack and how environments are managed and contained, says Gartner in an analysis of the threat vectors most...

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Monkey or tree? The false alarm that’s costing money

Property safety is often a litany of false alarms and fake threats that take up time, cost money and test patience, but, it doesn’t have…

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