Welcome to the world of Marketing – where EVERYONE is an expert and it’s never done effectively.

If you’re a brand, or someone doing the marketing for a brand, you know the struggle. The colours aren’t right, it’s not “vibey” enough, it doesn’t “speak to the right audience” – it’s the one profession in the world where everyone knows it better than you do. Occupational hazards, I guess.

The challenge comes when you’re either an existing organisation, or a startup, and you’re looking for the right way to do it. Gone are they days of billboards, handing out flyers, and those weird flappy things outside car dealerships (you know, the ones which look like your boss dancing at the Christmas party).

The communications landscape in 2024 is vastly different to any before it, with new trends and strategies emerging almost daily. This is daunting, yes, but it also offers fresh opportunities – platforms from which businesses can connect with audiences, resonate, and truly stand out in a crowded environment.

But, enough yapping – let’s present the official Vox Guide to Boosting your Brand Traction in 2024.

1. Get Personal:
That personal touch is no longer a nice afterthought – it’s an essential tool in an ever saturated, impersonal world. Today’s customers are different. They are informed, active, engaged, and not afraid to unleash their dissatisfaction (just ask our Twitter staff). Most of all, they expect personalised experiences which factor in their unique needs and preferences.

People no longer want to feel like a number. If they’re making an active choice to engage with or support your brand, they expect you to (at the very least) show them they’re important to you.

Great idea in theory, right? Now here’s the application…

• Data is the new oil: using your customer Data effectively allows you to understand your audience’s behaviour, preferences, and buying patterns.

• Customise it: if there’s one thing Durbanites and their license plates have taught us, it’s that a little customisation goes a long way. Tailor your content to speak directly to specific segments of your audience. Be conscious of language, tone, audience personas to engage on their level – this will increase user engagement, and also make you more likeable.

• Don’t react, interact: it’s not just about your brand or telling your story. Give the audience something to engage with. The incorporation of small elements, such as quizzes, polls, or personalised suggestions gives your followers a reason to stop scrolling and engage.

2. Influencer, not Influenza:
Hate them or love them, Influencers continue to be powerful tools against humanity for brand maximisation. Whilst the thought of grown adults twerking is enough to make our ancestors shudder in their graves, they do in fact offer brands a wealth of value and additional exposure – so why not make lemonade?

• Choose wisely: Greta Thunberg, for example, wouldn’t be the best ambassador for your super rare steak franchise (and neither would Logan Paul for your humanitarian branch). Are you in beauty? Identify someone who speaks to your demographic and align with them. Sports? Sneakers? Tacos? There’s a kingpin in every subculture. Find them, then align (with) them.

• Be authentic: nothing is worse than an insincere promotional post from an ambassador clearly in it for a cash-grab. Make sure that the people you partner with believe in your brand/products, as authenticity usually drives more meaningful engagement.

• See it through: there’s nothing worse than pulling the plug because “you’re not seeing results” after a one-and-done product post. Generate long-term, long-lasting relationships to create more consistent, impactful brand exposure – so trust the process, in other words.

3. Go with Video:
In 2024, video (and short form content as a whole) is King. People don’t have the time, nor the inclination, to read long stories or scroll through endless static posts. Video has proven an engaging, quick format which can get your message across effectively.

Here’s the 411:

• Go short form: You may have noticed, but SM platforms are big on Reels. Keeping yours shorter, more impactful, and catchier can help draw attention and generate better engagement.

• Go Live: Want a sense of urgency and exclusivity? Live streaming your product launches, behind the scenes content, Q&A’s and the like is a surefire way to do that.

• Tell a story: When done right, authentic storytelling can resonate with audiences on a much deeper level.

Audiences in 2024 are also huge on Sustainability, CSI, transparency, and community outreach – so keep that in mind. Also, don’t sleep on AI – we don’t think it’s quite there yet, but it looks as if the future is heading in that direction. Watch this space.

The bottom line is that marketing in 2024 isn’t simple at all. Instead, it requires a strategic approach. An approach which leverages trends, innovation, personalisation, and beyond. The key to all of this is agility – your marketing plan needs to be ever evolving, constantly moving forward, and always prioritising customers needs.

The rest will come naturally.