Hate it or love it, the hybrid workforce is now a universally accepted construct – as is the similarly unanimous acceptance of its fragility. Today you’re working from home, but tomorrow you could be back at the office.

While both locations have their merits, they also face similar challenges and share a mutual need to be able to connect with co-workers, customers and suppliers via singular, unified platforms. Each environment requires adequate support in order to function properly – especially with regards to the appropriate video and voice endpoint.

The workspace of the future needs to be flexible and support your communication requirements in a meaningful way.

The demands of hybrid working can be taxing, and you need to be able to spend time on what matters while technology is managed in the background.

So, why UC?

Unified Communication (UC) has become, in our opinion, the only strategy worth adopting. Not only is it more integrated and user friendly, but it provides an intuitive, ‘one touch to join’ functionality together with a consistent user experience on mobile and boardroom systems alike. At Vox, we have hand-picked a range of UC solutions. These solutions are packed to the brim with features to efficiently secure and simplify online meetings with functionality, flexibility and affordability in mind.

Keep connected, communicating and collaborating with a solution for any space and budget – you won’t have a problem finding a Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) or Microsoft Teams Room (MTR) solution, no matter what UC platform your brand has adopted.

What are my options?

Both BYOM and MTR have their respective strengths and benefits, and an amalgamation of both should sufficiently compliment any business communication needs. This mix allows for complete efficiency, with selected solutions even catering for both on a single device. Ultimately, with room for complete customisation as per your brand needs, there’s something for everyone – from basic online meetings to advanced Teams video calls.

Tell me more about BYOM:

When it comes to BYOM, our approach to video conferencing is highly flexible, as users simply connect their mobile device (either via cable or wirelessly) and begin their meeting. Doubtful about wireless? Our new breed of solutions will have you up-and-running in under 30 seconds. The experience will allow your device to fully sync with the tap of a button and enjoy an intelligent, auto-tracking camera, noise blocking microphone and immersive sound bar. Your digital meeting experience can reach new heights; and longing for the way things used to be done will be a thing of the past.

What about MTR?

Well, Microsoft Teams has connected the world in a way we never imagined, bringing new levels of live, online collaboration that redefine efficiency.

Said collaboration tools have extended into a highly customisable Teams app, which features a plethora of features guaranteed to boost your communication. However, while these new features do excite us, the core focus of Microsoft remains improving quality of service for limited bandwidth and improving overall security – not the end user experience.

Microsoft Teams Room, however, has a wealth of new features definitely worth mentioning. From one touch to join to proximity transfers, mobile compatibility, transferring of a single call across devices and boardroom functionality to uninterrupted functionality, you’re spoiled for choice with MTR. In addition, their latest feature completes the UC offering and offers PSTN dialling from any Teams app, thereby further enhancing their overall service offering.

Ultimately, why choose Vox?

We have the expertise and knowledge to maximise the efficiency of our platforms whilst equipping every workspace with fit-for-purpose collaboration devices. Not only do we cater for the MTR hardware device, Fibre connectivity (both last mile and ISP services) and beyond, but our service offerings include MTR licensing and direct audio routing with voice plans.

The time to consider how you and your colleagues transition from the home office to the office cubical, boardroom and back is now. Enhance your user experience while waving goodbye to “sorry, I’m late” and “can you guys hear me”. The new hybrid working world has seen an increased reliance on effective communication and, with video conferencing more affordable than ever, it’s worth investing in a UC strategy which synergises with your business outcomes and enables a truly digital workforce.