About Company

In2Food is an award-winning food manufacturing company that supplies food products to carefully selected high-end grocery retailers and wholesalers, globally. They make everything from cakes to sauces and are known for being the largest fresh and prepared food supplier for high-end grocery store, Woolworths. In2Food have over 7000 people in their employ working in various office branches and food production facilities around the country.

About Industry

The food manufacturing industry in South Africa is concerned with the production and sale of food in the country. This includes farming, packaging, distribution, marketing and retail of food products.

The Business Challenge

With so many offices and factories in the country, In2Food were working with multiple Internet connections across their branches. Multiple Internet connections meant dealing with multiple service providers.

As a company that relies heavily on outsourcing their services, dealing with so many providers started becoming a headache. “When you have more than one service provider, it becomes a full-time job to manage them all,” says Danie Steyn, In2Food Group IT Manager, “This is not ideal when you have only two internal staff members in your IT team,” he adds.

The need to consolidate their internal Internet network was an apparent one, but so was the need to deal with one provider who the company could rely on for quick responses and turnaround times.

The Business Solution

To consolidate their internal network, In2Food adopted Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) from Vox. This allowed for one Internet connection across all their branches, but also provided the convenience of working with one service provider.

Having only one service provider took a lot of the burden away from the IT team, but it was still not enough for Steyn, who wanted to have a service provider he did not have to manage in any way.

“We decided to take advantage of Vox’s Advanced Service Level Agreement (SLA),” says Steyn. “It was exactly the type of service we were looking for. Vox’s premium SLA team is amazing. They are jacked up in every way and so supportive,” he adds.

Thanks to advanced SLA, Steyn and his team have been able to fully rely on Vox to keep their systems up and running and have enjoyed quick responses whenever the occasional problem has arisen.

Overall experience with Vox

In2Food brag about the service they have received from the Vox Advanced SLA team. “It’s great to have a team we can rely on,” says Steyn. “We always have uptime and can depend on Vox for fast answers to any questions we have about the systems we use,” he adds.

Steyn goes on to note the vast and helpful knowledge of the Vox team and their continual support despite internal change in the company. “Vox’s service is seamless, even when they have had staff turnover, we have never had any balls dropped by them,” says Steyn.