You’ve likely read all about SD-WAN here, but how does Vox come into the mix? Glad you asked…

Upon extensive analysis of our unique South African market, we at Vox have developed two unique solutions which cater for vastly different segments – SD-WAN Lite, and SD-WAN Secure.

The former, (SD-Lite) is suitable for the Small Business that requires a streamlined offering at a very competitive price. The latter, however, is our flagship offering, and delivers advanced WAN capabilities combined with Next-Generation Security Firewalls and is perfect for medium to large companies. Need high-end security as well as WAN Resiliency using a single pane of glass? SD-WAN Secure simplified monitoring and reporting to offer you just that.

But first, Vox SD-WAN Lite – an SME value proposition

Vox has developed SD-WAN Lite, an entry-level SD-WAN solution built from the ground up to cater to the unique needs of the South African small business. When compared to recent technology trends and requirements for enterprise-level SD-WAN solutions, the Lite solution provides a more niche value proposition than its counterparts.

The focus of SD-WAN Lite is on delivering high resiliency Internet connectivity, while providing excellent voice quality, reliability, and an in-depth view of network performance via an online Web portal. The solution is designed for small businesses and SOHO customers – those who cannot afford expensive enterprise-level SD-WAN solutions or dedicated connectivity solutions. The benefits include:

  • Reduced cost of expensive dedicated connectivity solutions.
  • It will improve the quality of connectivity to support Vox voice services specifically in under-serviced connectivity areas.
  • Managed traffic load balancing while delivering automatic fail-over.
  • Improved uptime ratio of connectivity by means of automatic failover.
  • It is quick and easy to install.
  • It is a quality control system.
  • It brings to the user information about the quality of their connectivity and self-control to adjust by means of real time monitoring and alerting.
  • It allows users to adjust their load balancing and failover strategies at will

Along with affordable pricing, Vox SD-WAN Lite delivers monitoring and alerting services to notify businesses when their Internet links become unavailable. The product caters for connectivity that includes Fibre, Wireless, 5G, LTE, Satellite, and DSL; ensuring the SME is covered regardless of how it accesses the Internet.

Vox SD-WAN Lite supports up to three direct Internet connections that can be any combination of the technologies referred to above. Internet-bound traffic can use multiple links concurrently or be configured to failover in order of priority as chosen by the customer. This can be combined to offer: for example, two links in active/active load balancing mode and a 3rd passive link specifically for failover, should the other links go down.

Vox SD-WAN Secure – Designed for the big business

Vox has used the Forti-Secure product as the foundation for the flagship SD-WAN Secure solution. It targets mission-critical operations as well as large and enterprise-level businesses.

SD-WAN Secure delivers intelligent networking and security capabilities in a unified solution for companies who need WAN resiliency with a strong focus on security. It supports Multi-branch VPN overlays, dynamic policy-based decisions for application path selection across multiple independent WAN connections, consolidated management, and advanced protection against threats. SD-WAN Secure can reduce operational cost and complexity and improve efficiency without compromising on security.

SD-WAN Secure is characterised by:

  • Native Next-Generation Security.
  • Multi branch VPN overlays.
  • Highest Quality of Experience for voice and data traffic.
  • A reduction of the cost of connectivity and operating expenditure.
  • WAN resiliency and intelligent application steering.
  • Real time monitoring, analytics, and reporting.

Traditional WAN is no longer an effective solution for today’s distributed business.

Companies are overcoming significant security and network issues by moving to SD-WAN. There are many different SD-WANs on the market today, and. as such, we highly recommend a careful review of your options before selecting the appropriate one.

Vox SD-WAN Lite is a more bespoke offering that is streamlined to deliver the features a small business would require. This makes it not only affordable, but also provides an environment where the company can more easily scale according to how it is growing and adapting to market forces.

Vox SD-WAN Secure, using the foundation of FortiGate SD-WAN, integrates enhanced SD-WAN features with proven security capabilities, delivering next-generation protection and networking capabilities that improve network efficiency without compromising security. It delivers a combination of WAN capabilities with firewall-driven security effectiveness. Essentially, a large business gets two solutions for the price of one.