By now, you should know all about PBX – but how much do you know about PBX in the Cloud?

The importance of communication to any business cannot be overstated, and any disruption in said communication can have a lasting negative impact on your brand. This is why connectivity is key and why more and more businesses are turning towards the remote, Cloud-based system that is PBX.

In post-Covid times, we’ve all had to adapt. Whether it’s brands to a remote environment or employees to a coffee-table-come-desk, everyone’s had to improvise and overcome so well it’d make Bear Grylls proud. Oh, speaking of adapting… Did you know that PBX and Cloud migration represents the perfect solution for brands (and people) on-the-go in its ability to allow for connectivity regardless of location; or for any organisation seeking streamlined, professional and efficient operations via a unified comms solution?

With a more volatile business world than any in recent history, it’s natural to seek the most progressive technology without spending an arm and a leg. With Cloud PBX, you’re able to do just that, which is why we’re excited to inform you that the future of our communications at Vox is coming in the form of 3CX Cloud.

Yep, we’re moving up, and you can expect better prices, more stability and increased freedom. Amazing how one shift can make a world of difference, right?

But what’s the point of the shift?

Well, with the ever-progressing technological world comes an increased need for digital solutions.

These solutions need to be just that in nature, in that they solve real, tangible brand or customer problems. In addition to this, we believe that our products need to push the boundaries of innovation, and our shift to 3CX represents just this- a step forward into the new, Cloud based tomorrow.

It’s not just rhetoric and adjectives, however, and our shift is actually based on a host of benefits. Some of the key aspects you can enjoy from this move include:

  • Mobility and Expansion:

Your PBX system is your way of staying relevant and adapting to the new today. If you haven’t already relooked at how your staff communicate, you should. With the system comes the freedom of not being restricted by conventional phone systems, allowing for rapid expansion (or scaling, if necessary), complete flexibility and business growth.

  • Ease of Maintenance, Minimal Upkeep:

Unlike old-school, complicated phone systems of yesterday, you don’t need tech support to maintain Cloud PBX. In fact, the system is well-controlled and linked to users’ mobile handsets. It can be as closely supervised as required (down to tracking, monitoring and listening) or adding users, troubleshooting and quantifying useful, hard Data to improve your performance. The bottom line? It can be done remotely. Easy as pie.

  • Whenever, wherever:

One of the biggest challenges of running a modern-day business is being accessible when you can’t be tied down to a desk. With Cloud PBX, it’s business as usual no matter where you are. Connect and interact with your colleagues, employees and customers on the road, at a conference room or on a mountain if need be. Time and location? These things are now flexi. Computers, faxes, a single unified inbox solution or using your PC to access Data remotely – when you move up, your important stuff is always on hand.

But what’s the deal with 3CX specifically?

Well, you should know that the brand and product are the proud recipients of the UC Platform Supplier of the Year, 2020, at the Comms Business Awards in London. That’s global recognition for an International grade product, one which has held up (and toppled) contenders from some of the greatest minds in the tech world.

Aside from that, the platform offers a wealth of benefits so immense, it’s only natural that the next stage of our communications entails expansion into such possibilities.

3CX Cloud is, essentially, a single phone system which can provide everything you need and allow for complete scalability or growth as required. Their functionality far outstrips conventional handsets and presents an out-the-box, unified communication solution compatible with Mac, Windows, Ios or Android respectively. Not only is the tech tried-and-tested, but it’s easy-to-manage, quick to install and affordable to boot.

The platform allows you to work even without power which, considering our current Loadshedding environment, is always a positive. The monthly pricing is competitive and the capabilities extend beyond simply making calls. Video call, share screen, present, or host a totally interactive meeting.

It gets better. You can work remotely through mobile apps and always know who’s calling. Take calls from your browser or enjoy a free video conference. Live chat, migrate with Microsoft 365, manage Facebook messages, send business text messages or cut your Telco costs by 80%.

The future begins today, and it starts with 3CX Cloud. All you need to do is sit back and get ready to start this journey with us.