The Internet of Things – A Groot Ontbyt Interview with Vox CEO

We are living in a digital and connected world more than ever before – whether its working from home, doing online shopping, gaming, online learning…

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Speed vs data: what is the difference? A Groot Ontbyt Interview

Understanding the difference between internet speed and data usage can be confusing, but knowing the differences can save you a lot of money. That's the...

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The reality of cyber risk – A Groot Ontbyt Interview

We are living in a digital and connected world more than ever before - whether its working from home, doing online shopping, gaming, online learning...

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How can I improve AND get the most out of my home WiFi coverage? A Groot Ontbyt Interview

With South Africans spending more of their time on the internet to carry out a wide variety of activities, and now even increasingly working from...

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95% of businesses get hacked via their email – don’t be a statistic – A Vox Webinar

Email is a key part of our working lives and so are the rising phishing threats and data breaches. These hacks are designed to cripple...

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WiFi Security – A Groot Ontbyt interview

We hear the term "AI" or "Artificial Intelligence" being thrown around and it almost seems like something futuristic. But the reality is that AI is...

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Is LTE still relevant? A Groot Onbyt interview

Just over 2 years ago, when the South African workforce was hastily adopting a new way of working from home – suddenly there was a...

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PoPIA: Non-compliance could land you in hot water! A Vox Webinar

PoPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act) has been in effect in South Africa since 1 July 2021 and impacts all businesses - both big and...

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Understanding Cyber Security Risk – A Vox Webinar

Did you know that: 95% of hacking attacks start with a phishing or spear-phishing email 24% of breaches are caused by human error The cost...

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The power of video analytics – A Tech Central podcast

A camera is no longer just a lens or sensor.  Instead we are witnessing a fusion between camera vision with deep learning technologies that enable...

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