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WiFi Retail Lite

Give your customers FREE WiFi, market to them and learn more about them while they enjoy this value added service in your coffee shop, restaurant, salon, retail store or more!

  • Market your products to your customers! Let them know what specials you have and build loyalty programs with them.
  • Learn more about your customers. Find out what they like or dislike when they utilise your WiFi service.
  • Service all your customers without slow speeds, weak signal or dead spots.
  • Have control and gain insights about your Internet usage.
  • Enjoy the most cost-effective price on the market.
  • Choose from multiple coverage and payment plans suitable for any size, venue and budget.

How It Works

Features and Benefits

  • Service and Support

    Vox WiFi Retail Lite is a fully managed WiFi solution specifically for small to medium sized retail outlets, service centres, coffee shops or restaurants. Designed on the very best WiFi technologies and cloud based management platforms.

  • Customised Guest WiFi

    We provide an easy to use Landing Page builder to customise your login screen whenever you need to. Offer your customers different ways of logging in, such as: social media, an email, cell phone number or a questionnaire.

  • Insights & Analytics

    Get insights into your customer's behavior and online traffic. Using the customer portal you get all the information about your customers gender and age. See how long they use your WiFi, how often they use it, and when your WiFi is used the most.

  • WiFi Marketing

    Increase your foot traffic by creating marketing campaigns based on demographics and historical data. Send targeted SMSes and emails or coupons to your regular and new customers.

  • Bandwidth Management

    With Vox WiFi, you are in control of how much free WiFi is available, upload and download speeds, bandwidth limits, or time limits. You can even create vouchers or tokens to sell or provide to customers with that extra cup of coffee purchased.

  • Compatible with any Internet connection

    Vox WiFi Retail Lite works on any Internet connection. Vox can offer you ADSL, Fibre, Wireless, LTE or Satellite if you don’t already have an Internet connection, or we can use your existing connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no precise way to know how many WiFi access points you need without a site inspection. WiFi signal can be affected by thick walls, sound-proofing and even electrical cables. We can, however make some pretty good estimates based on the floor size and the expected number of users. One of our WiFi access points can easily cover 100sqm of open plan space and connect up to 100 users.

No. The product excludes Internet access. However, Vox can provide many connection options should you need an Internet connection or are interested in seeing what we can source.

Yes. Using the client portal, you have access to several bandwidth management options. You can provide various data bundles, and speed or time options. You can also create tokens, granting additional access to VIP customers or allowing free WiFi by tokens only.

Yes. Vox will only allow you, our client, access to your clients details. We will not distribute your customers details to anyone else.

Yes. Log a ticket with our helpdesk to have a WiFi engineer set up separate private networks for you as and when required. We do this on the same WiFi access point that your customers use, but with a network name and secure password of your choice.

WiFi gives us freedom from wires but it’s not secure by default. Data is transmitted through the air and anyone nearby can easily capture it with the right tools. Users are urged to employ their own security measures to protect files, online accounts, and user privacy. Vox has several security products to provide next generation protection.

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