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Who sends faxes anyway, right? Uh, wrong. The truth is the much-maligned fax is still very much in use in businesses across the world. Fax is often used for sharing documents that require a hardcopy interaction (like your original signature), manual filling in, or even from an audit trail perspective.

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Faxster offers the functionality and convenience of RightFax in the cloud. Take your small business to the next level by faxing critical documents – like application forms, purchase orders and statements – to pretty much any web-enabled external application. If you’re ready to extend beyond old school fax, choose Faxster for desktop fax-to-email, MFP integration and API integrations with business tools like ERP systems, call centres applications and other systems.

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RightFax is an enterprise-grade fax and document distribution solution with full business system integration. RightFax offers fax sending and receiving capability for desktop, MFP and business systems including SAP, Oracle and many others. Unlike most communication solutions RightFax offers point-to-point distribution with a detailed audit trail and security features required by legislation.

RightFax is available as an onsite or cloud model. Vox is the sole distributor of RightFax in sub-Saharan Africa and has developed a wide range of SLA’s and managed services to ensure optimum performance. We have integrated RightFax into the Vox network, which allows us to offer significant discounts on fax sending (Vbill) and inbound fax number ranges (Xtenda).


RightFax Traffic Solutions

Vox offers two additional solutions for managing fax traffic and making the most of your RightFax investments. Firstly, Vbill lets RightFax clients reduce the cost of their outbound fax tariffs, by routing all fax traffic over the Vox network – resulting in average savings of 50%. Secondly, Xtenda enables cost-effective desktop faxing – a tool that was traditionally very expensive. Xtenda caters for up to 30 000 fax numbers on a single PRI line (compared to the usual 300 numbers limitation). Implementing Xtenda could slash your external fax traffic costs by up to 50%. Combine these two solutions to make the most savings on your fax traffic.

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RightFax Professional Services

Monitoring, maintenance, and management of your RightFax server is available in the form of professional services from Vox. RightFax is an advanced computer-based fax solution – capable of large volume sending and valuable business intelligence (BI) reporting. Our professional services range will ensure the proper functioning and health of this enterprise-grade tool. You pick the services that match your particular needs, including the software maintenance plan (SMP); managing the installation of the latest software releases and service packs; system performance monitoring from FaxTrax; a totally outsourced RightFax maintenance portfolio administration and support; and best practice SLAs.

Still have a few questions?

Frequently Asked Questions


Only on an 086 number, number porting or geographic numbers have charges associated with receiving faxes.

No. You will send and receive via your email.

Yes, via the available Application Program Interface.

We can integrate it, depending on make and model. Level of integration varies.

No. Only one email address per number is allowed. You can set up a distribution group and use that email address.

Yes. Port it to Vox.

Yes. If you can access your email, you will be able to view your faxes. This can be done anywhere in the world.

You can forward the fax attachment to multiple recipients by sending it as you would with any other email.


The total price is determined by components of the solution, thus, a Sales Specialist would need to scope the solution before a price can be quoted.

The RightFax license is renewed annually.

Yes. Fax numbers can be ported.

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